Kruševac food delivery

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  • Eggs by wish 250 rsd
    Eggs by wish
  • English breakfast 365 rsd
    English breakfast
  • Homemade sandwich 345 rsd
    Homemade sandwich
  • Bruschetta Pastel 360 rsd
    Bruschetta Pastel
  • Greek sandwich 435 rsd
    Greek sandwich
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    Breakfast, Soups and broth, Appetizers, Sandwiches, Burger, Pizza, Salad meal, Pasta, Risotto, Chicken, Pork, Turkey, Beef, Fish and seafood, Salads, Bread, Dessert

    Pizza, Pasta, Breakfast, Crepes, Italian food, Chicken, Burgers, Sandwiches, Fish and sea food, Restaurants, Desserts, Internacional cuisine, Vegetarian food

45 min. 250 rsd
  • Coca-Cola – Original 100 rsd
    Coca-Cola – Original
  • Fanta – Orange 100 rsd
    Fanta – Orange
  • Sprite 100 rsd
  • Next Joy – Multivitamin 100 rsd
    Next Joy – Multivitamin
  • Next Joy – Orange 100 rsd
    Next Joy – Orange
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    Pizza, Grill, Fried, Sandwiches, Breakfast, Savory crepes, Sweet crepes, Other, Beverages

    Pizza, Grill, Crepes, Chicken, Sandwiches, Fried food, Desserts

45 min. 500 rsd
  • Steak tartare 1900 rsd
    Steak tartare
  • Lamb cutlet 1450 rsd
    Lamb cutlet
  • Konak chicken gyros 600 rsd
    Konak chicken gyros
  • Konak tortilla 600 rsd
    Konak tortilla
  • Chicken fillet with spinach and domestic cheese 650 rsd
    Chicken fillet with spinach and domestic cheese
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    Breakfast, Hot appetizers, Chowder, Dishes on demand, Roast meat, Grilled meat, Fish, Stews, Bread, Salad, Desserts, Premium menu, Drinks, Beer

    Grill, National food, Breakfast, Crepes, Chicken, Sandwiches, Fish and sea food, Fried food, Desserts

45 min. 100 rsd
  • Chilli manzo 350 rsd
    Chilli manzo
  • Fasting pizza 350 rsd
    Fasting pizza
  • Serbian 350 rsd
  • Crispy chicken 230 rsd
    Crispy chicken
  • White meat 280 rsd
    White meat
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    Pizzas and piroshka, Austrian sausages, Mini meals, Grill, Piadina sandwich, Taverna board, Salty pancakes, Pancakes sweet, Pancakes sweet exclusive, Drinks

    Pizza, Grill, Crepes, Italian food, Chicken, Sandwiches, Fried food

45 min. 100 rsd