Novi Sad food delivery

Picerija Panter

Bulevar kralja Petra Prvog 29, Novi Sad | 45 minutes | Until: 18:00 | Min: 300 Rsd

Breakfast, Internacional cuisine, Italian food, Crepes, Pasta, Chicken, Pizza, Desserts, Vegetarian food, Restaurants, Fish and sea food, Sandwiches


Radnička 20 / Zmaj Jovina 24, Novi Sad | 45 minutes | Until: 23:30 | Min: 180 Rsd

Burgers, National food, Breakfast, Grill, Sandwiches

Agi Pasta Novi Sad

Kralja Aleksandra 5, Novi Sad | 45 minutes | Until: 24:00 | Min: 200 Rsd

Breakfast, Italian food, Pasta

Mali Leo

Bulevar kralja Petra I 58, Novi Sad | 45 minutes | Until: 18:00 | Min: 70 Rsd

Asian food, Chinese food, Chicken, Desserts, Vegetarian food, Fish and sea food

Roštilj Kod Jefte

Bulevar Oslobođenja 115h, Novi Sad | 45 minutes | Until: 23:30 | Min: 130 Rsd

National food, Breakfast, Crepes, Chicken, Grill

Kineski restoran 88

Bulevar Oslobođenja 133, Novi Sad | 30 minutes | Until: 16:00 | Min: 70 Rsd

Asian food, Chinese food, Pasta, Vegetarian food, Restaurants, Fish and sea food

Pinokio palačinke

Stražilovska 1, Novi Sad | 45 minutes | Until: 23:00 | Min: 90 Rsd

Breakfast, Crepes, Desserts

Zarićev Vajat

Bulevar Oslobođenja 46b, Novi Sad | 45 minutes | Until: 18:00 | Min: 300 Rsd

National food, Breakfast, Chicken, Grill, Sandwiches

Brza hrana Bob 2

Ugao Maksima Gorkog i Stražilovske, Novi Sad | 45 minutes | Until: 18:00 | Min: 100 Rsd

National food, Breakfast, Italian food, Crepes, Pizza, Grill, Sandwiches

Pizzeria Garibaldi

Narodnog fronta 25, Novi Sad | 45 minutes | Until: 17:00 | Min: 460 Rsd

Breakfast, Italian food, Pasta, Pizza, Healthy food

Kineski zid

Branimira Ćosića 25, Novi Sad | 35 minutes | Until: 24:00 | Min: 160 Rsd

Asian food, Chinese food, Desserts

Restoran De Gusto

Bulevar oslobođenja 48, Novi Sad | 35 minutes | Until: 21:00 | Min: 100 Rsd

Breakfast, Internacional cuisine, Italian food, Crepes, Pasta, Chicken, Pizza, Desserts, Vegetarian food, Restaurants, Healthy food

Novi Sad is the second largest city in Serbia. Size of this city is not only reflected in the vastness of the population but also the hospitality of people who live there. The city in which besides Serbian language you can also hear Hungarian and Slovak the language of good food and good meals is also well spoken. If it is true that the path to the mens heart is through his stomach, then you definitely have to love Novi Sad! The city on the banks of the Danube is known for tamburashi, hospitality, good wine and quality food. Novi Sad is the association for many cultural events, and therefore has a lot of visitors throughout the year. It is especially popular Exit music festival which brings together young people from all over Europe and beyond.
For people from Novi Sad are said to be slow but gradual, so that you will enjoy if you trust restaurants to prepare delicious meals for you. Still if you want your food to be delivered, you will not wait long. Although all like to work slowly and unhurried, fast food is also available and very popular here and really fast. Skillfully prepared, carefully packaged, easily accessible, all you need for a pleasant meal in your home or office, you can find and order via Alideda.
Vojvodina’s cuisine is best described by Balasevic in his poem, Al se nekad dobro jelo meaning, the food here is awlays great. Suddenly a colorful table, sauce, tomato, potato… than ham, horseradish and meat jelly for everyone. :) This is a song that is on the right way of expresing how rich and diverse Vojvodina cuisine is and from which you want to immediately have snack.
In addition to local food, delivery in Novi Sad is characterized by a large number of pizza places that deliver food. Among the pizzas that are characteristic of this city we have to sort out pizza Mađarića and that its content speaks in favor of not being skimp on ingredients, colors and spices. Sausage, cheese and ham, pepperoni make Mađarica very hot. Novi Sad pizzerias also serve pasta dishes. Most popular as elsewhere are Bolognese, Carbonara and Milanese.
Delivery of so called Index sandwich is unavoidable given that this sandwich is dominates this town. Novi Sad is a university town and the students very often order home delivery. Catering 0-24 is nothing unusual in Novi Sad so you can order virtually non-stop, 365 days a year.
Plenty of color, sauces, different meat, make Chinese cuisine inevitable. Whether you prefer to eat with chopsticks or a fork for better management, Chinese cuisine is something you definitely want to try at least once. They just need to find the right taste and make a combination that is appropriate in the selection of spices, spiciness, meat or seafood, pour the sauce, mix it with noodles or rice, and get phenomenal and well-balanced meal.
Feel the Danube river, take a step back and run away from you every day rush, find some time to enjoy the scents and flavors on your table that easily come into your home. Online ordering readily available for all residents and visitors of Novi Sad. There is nothing more beautiful than when after a long day and week, decide to stay home and rest and that your need for quality meals taken care by someone else. Therefore Alideda is there for you. Every day, from breakfast to dinner, as well as snacks, desserts, something with coffee or a glass of wine, kind couriers bring with you all you soul desires. There are dishes of chicken, veal, pork, cooked dishes, grilled dishes, pizzas, pastas, salads, soups and soup, and everything you can wish for!
Alideda is here for all your gourmet ventures, our goal is you to be fed, happy and to spend as less time as possible in thinking what to cook today. Let others worry about it, and you just select fast or slow food, which comes at the same speed to you :)