Novi Sad food delivery

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  • Cheeseburger 500 rsd
  • Eggburger 460 rsd
  • Bacon burger 480 rsd
    Bacon burger
  • Hot burger 460 rsd
    Hot burger
  • Toster burger 520 rsd
    Toster burger
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    Burgers, Special burger, Pljeskavitsa, Breakfast, Salads, Appetizer, Side dishes, Veggie combination, Serbian beer, Chech beer, Beer, Water, Juices, Carbonated juices

    Grill, National food, Breakfast, Burgers, Sandwiches

45 min. 100 rsd
  • Abaddon 1300 rsd
  • Taboo 1300 rsd
  • Lilith’s Lust 1300 rsd
    Lilith’s Lust
  • Vragolan pizza 560 rsd
    Vragolan pizza
  • Lucifer pizza 610 rsd
    Lucifer pizza
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    Special offer, Deluxe stuffed pizzas, Premium & Favorite pizza, Classic selection pizza, Sausage grill in homemade bun, Sandwiches, Risotto, Salad meal, Coffee, Non-alcoholic beverages, Beers and ciders

    Pizza, Sandwiches, Alcoholic beverages

45 min. 700 rsd
  • 5 kabos in flatbread 220 rsd
    5 kabos in flatbread
  • Coca-Cola - Original 90 rsd
    Coca-Cola - Original
  • Coca-Cola - Zero 90 rsd
    Coca-Cola - Zero
  • Fanta - Orange 90 rsd
    Fanta - Orange
  • Schweppes - Bitter Lemon 90 rsd
    Schweppes - Bitter Lemon
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    Kabobs, Kabobs kg, Other, Drinks

    Grill, Alcoholic beverages

45 min. 220 rsd
  • Burrito grande sandwich with minced meat 250 rsd
    Burrito grande sandwich with minced meat
  • Burrito grande sandwich with chicken fillete 250 rsd
    Burrito grande sandwich with chicken fillete
  • Tostada 350 rsd
  • Quesadilla sandwich – Chicken salad 200 rsd
    Quesadilla sandwich – Chicken salad
  • Penne Carne Picada 200 rsd
    Penne Carne Picada
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    Combo - Deals, Burrito, Sandwiches, Pasta Mexicana, Condiments, Sweets, Soft drinks

    Pasta, Mexican food, Breakfast, Sandwiches

45 min. 100 rsd
  • Capricciosa 570 rsd
  • Pizza Giovanni 700 rsd
    Pizza Giovanni
  • Lasagna Carbonara 670 rsd
    Lasagna Carbonara
  • Pasta Pomodoro rosso 650 rsd
    Pasta Pomodoro rosso
  • Knuckle 950 rsd
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    Breakfast, Pizza, Sandwiches, Tortillas, Paste and lasagna, Main dishes, Broths and pottages, Plate menu, Salads, Sauces, Side dishes, Crepes, Deserts

    Pizza, National food, Pasta, Mexican food, Breakfast, Crepes, Italian food, Healthy food, Chicken, Sandwiches, Desserts, Internacional cuisine

45 min. 460 rsd
  • Brunch burger 580 rsd
    Brunch burger
  • Burbon burger 630 rsd
    Burbon burger
  • Cheese burger 580 rsd
    Cheese burger
  • Chicken Bacon burger 520 rsd
    Chicken Bacon burger
  • Chicken burger 490 rsd
    Chicken burger
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    Burgers, Kabobs, Sandwiches, Meal salads, Breakfast, Savory pancakes, Other, Sweet pancakes, Desserts, Sparkling drinks

    Breakfast, Crepes, Chicken, Burgers, Sandwiches, Fried food, Restaurants, Desserts, Vegetarian food, Alcoholic beverages

45 min. 100 rsd
Breakfast, Meals to order, Barbecue, Salads, Side dishes, Desserts

Grill, Breakfast, Crepes, Chicken, Burgers

45 min. 100 rsd
  • Family lunch 1420 rsd
    Family lunch
  • Pljeskavica 200 rsd
  • Gourmet pljeskavica 280 rsd
    Gourmet pljeskavica
  • Stuffed pljeskavica 280 rsd
    Stuffed pljeskavica
  • Cevapi 5 pieces 300 rsd
    Cevapi 5 pieces
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    Combo special offer, Special offer, Gurmanluk in the bun, Gurmanluk per kilo, Other, Drinks, Beers

    Grill, National food, Chicken, Alcoholic beverages

45 min. 100 rsd
  • Margharita 200 rsd
  • Pizza Quattro formaggi 280 rsd
    Pizza Quattro formaggi
  • Pizza with smoked salmon 440 rsd
    Pizza with smoked salmon
  • Closed eurocream pizza 230 rsd
    Closed eurocream pizza
  • Closed pizza 280 rsd
    Closed pizza
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    Pizza, Sandwiches, Drinks

    Pizza, Breakfast, Italian food, Sandwiches, Alcoholic beverages

45 min. 100 rsd
  • Capricciosa 415 rsd
  • Prosciutto pizza 515 rsd
    Prosciutto pizza
  • Gnocchi with chicken 649 rsd
    Gnocchi with chicken
  • Pasta Carbonara 499 rsd
    Pasta Carbonara
  • Pasta Famoso 687 rsd
    Pasta Famoso
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    Breakfast, Appetizer, Pizza, Pasta, Sandwiches, Savory pancakes, Dessert

    Pizza, Pasta, Breakfast, Crepes, Italian food, Chicken, Sandwiches, Restaurants, Desserts, Internacional cuisine

45 min. 200 rsd
  • Index crepe 350 rsd
    Index crepe
  • Pancerotti crepe 400 rsd
    Pancerotti crepe
  • Pizza quatro crepe 400 rsd
    Pizza quatro crepe
  • Madam and Monsieur croquet toast crepe 1212 rsd
    Madam  and  Monsieur croquet toast crepe
  • Calzone fried crepe 450 rsd
    Calzone fried crepe
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    French savory crepes, French sweet crepes, Burgers, Tart waffle, Cheesecake waffle, Savory galette, Sweet galette, Savory waffle, Sweet waffle, Waffle milk, Ice Waffle, Imperial waffle, Waffle cake, Rice pudding, Fasting sweet waffle, Sweet grandmother’s cake, Grandmother’s savory cake, Smoothie, Milkshake, Drinks

    Crepes, Sandwiches, Desserts, Alcoholic beverages

45 min. 300 rsd
  • Mixed meat 950 rsd
    Mixed meat
  • Gourmet mix 850 rsd
    Gourmet mix
  • Smoked porks ribs 750 rsd
    Smoked porks ribs
  • Pork ribs in pac 950 rsd
    Pork ribs in pac
  • Skewers 750 rsd
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    Grilled specialties, Special offer, Chicken specialties, Beef, Turkey specialties, Fish, Pizza, Breakfast, Cold appetizers, Warm appetizers, soups and broths, Meal salads, Salads, Side dish, Desserts

    Pizza, Grill, National food, Breakfast, Crepes, Italian food, Chicken, Burgers, Sandwiches, Fish and sea food, Fried food, Desserts, Internacional cuisine

45 min. 500 rsd
  • Breakfast 1 210 rsd
    Breakfast 1
  • Breakfast 2 210 rsd
    Breakfast 2
  • Pleskavitza 170 rsd
  • Leskovachki medallions 1kg 950 rsd
    Leskovachki medallions 1kg
  • Mixed grill meat 1kg 999 rsd
    Mixed grill meat 1kg
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    Breakfast, Grill in bun, Grill per kilo, Meal, Sandwiches, Other, Drinks

    Grill, Breakfast, Chicken, Sandwiches

45 min. 250 rsd