Food delivery

Food ordering by phone is obsolete, step into a new era with Alideda! The way of the future, it is with the help of the internet that we made a quick, easy and efficient way you to order food from the comfort of your home. Do you really want to scream into your phone while trying to tell someone what you want to eat? Imagine you just you got the short end and need to order food for all of your friends? If something goes wrong your friends will not be easy on you.

Choose a restaurant

But now, there is Alideda! One word in Google, first link that pops up and then magic. All restaurants in Belgrade and Novi Sad are available and just few clicks away from you. Alideda has 25 cuisines from which to choose from.

Order food online

Food delivery is 00-24 available on Alideda, 365 days a year and in most of the restaurants it is free. Always there for you. Whenever you get hungry and do not have time to cook select something from our great deals and food arrives to your home or office in a short time. Forget the errand boy and the contact phones, the menu is available online and the food is a click away from you.