Burgers delivery

Burgers home delivery

  • Wings garlic, cashew, basil 220 rsd
    Wings garlic, cashew, basil
  • Classic wings 220 rsd
    Classic wings
  • Spicy wings 220 rsd
    Spicy wings
  • Smoked wings 220 rsd
    Smoked wings
  • Wings with honey 220 rsd
    Wings with honey
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    Chicken wings, Calimero box, Burgers, Other, Chicken, French fries, Sauces, Desserts, Pie, Drinks

    Chicken, Burgers, Desserts

50 min. 600 rsd
  • Cevapi 210 rsd
  • Chicken drumstick 220 rsd
    Chicken drumstick
  • Sausage 230 rsd
  • Chicken breasts 230 rsd
    Chicken breasts
  • Chicken drumstick 900 rsd
    Chicken drumstick
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    Meal, Grill in bun, Grill 1kg, Boiled dishes, Burgers, Soups and pottages, Specialties, Cold appetizers, Breakfast, Sandwiches, Salads, Side dishes, Savory pancakes, Sweet pancakes

    Grill, National food, Cooked meals, Breakfast, Crepes, Chicken, Burgers, Sandwiches

45 min. 500 rsd
  • Brunch burger 580 rsd
    Brunch burger
  • Burbon burger 630 rsd
    Burbon burger
  • Cheese burger 580 rsd
    Cheese burger
  • Chicken Bacon burger 520 rsd
    Chicken Bacon burger
  • Chicken burger 490 rsd
    Chicken burger
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    Burgers, Kabobs, Sandwiches, Meal salads, Breakfast, Savory pancakes, Other, Sweet pancakes, Desserts, Sparkling drinks

    Breakfast, Crepes, Chicken, Burgers, Sandwiches, Fried food, Restaurants, Desserts, Vegetarian food, Alcoholic beverages

45 min. 100 rsd
  • Fried squid rings 380 rsd
    Fried squid rings
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    Breakfast, Chicken in sauce, Fried chicken meal, Pasta, Fish meal, Salad, Tortillas, Burgers, Wings, Box for company, Buried savory crepe, Buried sweet crepes, Buried dumplings, Other, Drink, Inactive products

    National food, Mexican food, Breakfast, Crepes, Chicken, Burgers, Fish and sea food, Fried food, Desserts

45 min. 100 rsd
  • Eggs by wish 250 rsd
    Eggs by wish
  • English breakfast 365 rsd
    English breakfast
  • Homemade sandwich 345 rsd
    Homemade sandwich
  • Bruschetta Pastel 360 rsd
    Bruschetta Pastel
  • Greek sandwich 435 rsd
    Greek sandwich
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    Breakfast, Soups and broth, Appetizers, Sandwiches, Burger, Pizza, Salad meal, Pasta, Risotto, Chicken, Pork, Turkey, Beef, Fish and seafood, Salads, Bread, Dessert

    Pizza, Pasta, Breakfast, Crepes, Italian food, Chicken, Burgers, Sandwiches, Fish and sea food, Restaurants, Desserts, Internacional cuisine, Vegetarian food

45 min. 250 rsd
  • Viva fit meal 365 rsd
    Viva fit meal
  • Fritata omelet 495 rsd
    Fritata omelet
  • Toast with pechenitsa 435 rsd
    Toast with pechenitsa
  • Donut with jam 350 rsd
    Donut with jam
  • French toast 425 rsd
    French toast
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    Breakfast, Pizza, Pizza sandwiches, Cold appetizers, Warm apettizers, Savory pancakes, Main dishes, Soups and potions, Pasta, Tortillas - burgers - gyros, Salad meals, Salads, Fish and seafood, Side dishes, Sauces, Desserts, Squeezed juices, Drinks

    Gyros, Pasta, Healthy food, Chicken, Burgers, Fish and sea food, Desserts

45 min. 500 rsd
  • Cheddar burger 330 rsd
    Cheddar burger
  • Cheddar burger Double 510 rsd
    Cheddar burger Double
  • Cheddar burger Double pack – 2 burgers 580 rsd
    Cheddar burger Double pack – 2 burgers
  • Bacon-cheddar burger XL 460 rsd
    Bacon-cheddar burger XL
  • Wanted burger 550 rsd
    Wanted burger
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    Burgers, Sausage, Meals, Fried, Chicken, Other, Drinks

    Chicken, Burgers, Fried food

45 min. 100 rsd
  • Coca-Cola - Original 130 rsd
    Coca-Cola - Original
  • Coca-Cola - Original 160 rsd
    Coca-Cola - Original
  • Fanta - Orange 130 rsd
    Fanta - Orange
  • Fanta - Orange 160 rsd
    Fanta - Orange
  • Sprite 130 rsd
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    Grill specialties, Burgers, Side dishes, Sauces, Doughnuts and muffins, Drinks

    Pizza, National food, Cooked meals, Pasta, Mexican food, Breakfast, Crepes, Chicken, Burgers, Desserts, Internacional cuisine

45 min. 600 rsd
  • Something like chicken soup 200 rsd
    Something like chicken soup
  • Our veal broth 250 rsd
    Our veal broth
  • Cold rolls 400 rsd
    Cold rolls
  • Fried cheese select__ion 550 rsd
    Fried cheese select__ion
  • Senorita 450 rsd
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    Soups and broths, Minagonija recommended, Salads, Meal salads, Minagonija’s fasting menu, Chicken and turkey, Grill master, Beef steak, Pasta, Risotto, Gnocchi, Burgers, Fish, Bread, Side dish, Sauce, Desserts, Drinks

    Grill, Pasta, Italian food, Chicken, Burgers, Fish and sea food, Fried food, Desserts, Internacional cuisine, Vegetarian food, Alcoholic beverages

45 min. 800 rsd
  • Coca-Cola - Original 120 rsd
    Coca-Cola - Original
  • Ultra - Original 120 rsd
    Ultra - Original
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    Burgers, Other, Drinks

    Crepes, Chicken, Burgers, Desserts, Alcoholic beverages

45 min. 1000 rsd