Desserts delivery

Cakes home delivery

  • Index crepe 350 rsd
    Index crepe
  • Pancerotti crepe 400 rsd
    Pancerotti crepe
  • Pizza quatro crepe 400 rsd
    Pizza quatro crepe
  • Madam and Monsieur croquet toast crepe 1212 rsd
    Madam  and  Monsieur croquet toast crepe
  • Calzone fried crepe 450 rsd
    Calzone fried crepe
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    French savory crepes, French sweet crepes, Burgers, Tart waffle, Cheesecake waffle, Savory galette, Sweet galette, Savory waffle, Sweet waffle, Waffle milk, Ice Waffle, Imperial waffle, Waffle cake, Rice pudding, Fasting sweet waffle, Sweet grandmother’s cake, Grandmother’s savory cake, Smoothie, Milkshake, Drinks

    Crepes, Sandwiches, Desserts, Alcoholic beverages

45 min. 300 rsd
  • Something like chicken soup 200 rsd
    Something like chicken soup
  • Our veal broth 250 rsd
    Our veal broth
  • Cold rolls 400 rsd
    Cold rolls
  • Fried cheese select__ion 550 rsd
    Fried cheese select__ion
  • Senorita 450 rsd
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    Soups and broths, Minagonija recommended, Salads, Meal salads, Minagonija’s fasting menu, Chicken and turkey, Grill master, Beef steak, Pasta, Risotto, Gnocchi, Burgers, Fish, Bread, Side dish, Sauce, Desserts, Drinks

    Grill, Pasta, Italian food, Chicken, Burgers, Fish and sea food, Fried food, Desserts, Internacional cuisine, Vegetarian food, Alcoholic beverages

45 min. 800 rsd
  • Coca-Cola - Original 120 rsd
    Coca-Cola - Original
  • Ultra - Original 120 rsd
    Ultra - Original
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    Burgers, Other, Drinks

    Crepes, Chicken, Burgers, Desserts, Alcoholic beverages

45 min. 1000 rsd

Closed for delivery Desserts