Grill delivery

Grill home delivery

  • Castello Bianco 750 rsd
    Castello Bianco
  • Margharita 530 rsd
  • Vesuvio 550 rsd
  • Peperoni 580 rsd
  • Capricciosa 580 rsd
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    Pizza, Pizza without cheese and meet, Pasta, Breakfast, Meals, Grill, Meal salads, Standard sandwiches, Special sandwiches, French fries, Sandwiches without cheese and meat, Fish and squids, Risotto, Savory pancakes, Desserts, Sweet pancakes, Castelo Bianco natural juices, Drinks

    Pizza, Grill, Pasta, Breakfast, Crepes, Italian food, Chicken, Fish and sea food, Fried food, Alcoholic beverages

45 min. 500 rsd
  • Kabob meal 400 rsd
    Kabob meal
  • Pljeskavitza meal 380 rsd
    Pljeskavitza meal
  • Chicken breasts meal 460 rsd
    Chicken breasts meal
  • Pobenik meal 500 rsd
    Pobenik meal
  • Breakfast grill 250 rsd
    Breakfast grill
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    Pobednik meals, Fried specialties, Grill specialties, Bulk Grill, Other, Drinks

    Grill, National food, Breakfast, Chicken, Fried food

35 min. 600 rsd
  • Cevapi 210 rsd
  • Chicken drumstick 220 rsd
    Chicken drumstick
  • Sausage 230 rsd
  • Chicken breasts 230 rsd
    Chicken breasts
  • Chicken drumstick 900 rsd
    Chicken drumstick
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    Meal, Grill in bun, Grill 1kg, Boiled dishes, Burgers, Soups and pottages, Specialties, Cold appetizers, Breakfast, Sandwiches, Salads, Side dishes, Savory pancakes, Sweet pancakes

    Grill, National food, Cooked meals, Breakfast, Crepes, Chicken, Burgers, Sandwiches

45 min. 500 rsd
  • Stuffed pljeskavitsa 220 rsd
    Stuffed pljeskavitsa
  • Chauffeur pljeskavitsa 220 rsd
    Chauffeur pljeskavitsa
  • Gourmet SAT cevap 150 rsd
    Gourmet SAT cevap
  • Gourmet pljeskavitsa 150 rsd
    Gourmet pljeskavitsa
  • Sandwich pechenitsa 110 rsd
    Sandwich pechenitsa
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    Grill, Sandwiches, Other

    Grill, National food, Breakfast, Chicken, Sandwiches

30 min. 100 rsd
  • Pizza pechenitsa, parmesan 450 rsd
    Pizza pechenitsa, parmesan
  • Pizza Venezia 500 rsd
    Pizza Venezia
  • Pizza Vegetariana 350 rsd
    Pizza Vegetariana
  • Pizza Speciale 450 rsd
    Pizza Speciale
  • Pizza Rustico 700 rsd
    Pizza Rustico
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    Pizza, Sweet pizza, Drinks, Wines

    Pizza, Grill, National food, Pasta, Breakfast, Crepes, Italian food, Chicken, Sandwiches, Fish and sea food, Fried food, Desserts, Internacional cuisine

45 min. 100 rsd
  • Cevapi 300 rsd
  • Kebab 6 pcs. 350 rsd
    Kebab 6 pcs.
  • Pljeskavitsa 125g 300 rsd
    Pljeskavitsa 125g
  • Pljeskavitsa 150g 350 rsd
    Pljeskavitsa 150g
  • Punjena pljeskavitsa 310g 550 rsd
    Punjena pljeskavitsa 310g
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    Grill specialties, Fasting meals, Sandwiches, Salads, Other, Desserts, Drinks, Beer

    Grill, National food, Chicken, Sandwiches, Desserts, Vegetarian food

45 min. 100 rsd
  • Cheesburger 300 rsd
  • French fries 130 rsd
    French fries
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    Grill, Sandwiches, Salad meal, Other

    Grill, Breakfast, Chicken, Sandwiches

45 min. 150 rsd
  • Hamburger 360 rsd
  • Vienna steak 340 rsd
    Vienna steak
  • Karadjordjeva steak 690 rsd
    Karadjordjeva steak
  • Chicken fillet in a sauce of 4 types of cheese 410 rsd
    Chicken fillet in a sauce of 4 types of cheese
  • Rolled chicken skewers 390 rsd
    Rolled chicken skewers
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    Breakfast, Grill, Steaks, Chicken, Gourmet specialty, Fish, Salad meals, Soups and broths, Cold appetizers, Warm appetizers, Salads, Side dishes, Pastry, Desserts

    Grill, National food, Chicken, Fish and sea food, Desserts

45 min. 100 rsd
  • Girl’s pljeskavitsa 400 rsd
    Girl’s pljeskavitsa
  • Stuffed white meat 300 rsd
    Stuffed white meat
  • Coca-Cola - Original 70 rsd
    Coca-Cola - Original
  • Coca-Cola - Original 80 rsd
    Coca-Cola - Original
  • Fanta - Orange 80 rsd
    Fanta - Orange
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    Barbecue, Sandwiches, Other, Salty pancakes, Sweet pancakes, Drinks

    Grill, Crepes, Sandwiches, Desserts

45 min. 100 rsd
  • Something like chicken soup 200 rsd
    Something like chicken soup
  • Our veal broth 250 rsd
    Our veal broth
  • Cold rolls 400 rsd
    Cold rolls
  • Fried cheese select__ion 550 rsd
    Fried cheese select__ion
  • Senorita 450 rsd
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    Soups and broths, Minagonija recommended, Salads, Meal salads, Minagonija’s fasting menu, Chicken and turkey, Grill master, Beef steak, Pasta, Risotto, Gnocchi, Burgers, Fish, Bread, Side dish, Sauce, Desserts, Drinks

    Grill, Pasta, Italian food, Chicken, Burgers, Fish and sea food, Fried food, Desserts, Internacional cuisine, Vegetarian food, Alcoholic beverages

45 min. 800 rsd

Closed for delivery Grill